womenseminarSo many women are walking through life tripped up by the nagging feeling of being “not good enough”, a failure, damaged. We are trapped by deep hurts from our pasts, stripping us of our self-confidence for today. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem in women is nothing new. Unfortunately, they lie at the root of a host of issues affecting women today. They affect our decision-making, relationships and even job opportunities and advancement. Undervaluing yourself can lead to a self-fulfilling spiral of declining opportunities—all out of a lack of confidence. It’s time to change that, ladies! Let Lisa Cassman teach the women at your next church retreat, work seminar, or community class the secret to boosting their self-confidence through seven life-changing steps.

“New You – New Life:  7 Steps to Boosting Self Confidence”
In this seminar, you will learn:
• How to take control of your life for once and for all
• How to quiet the inner critic that causes you to make unhelpful decisions
•  Ways to let go of the hurt and emotional pain, so
 you can move forward with hope and happiness
• Simple steps of actions you can use right now to
 increase your self esteem
• The one thing you absolutely need to find love and

 As a licensed pastor and counselor certified in group therapy and trained in Temperament Counseling, and holding a PhD in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Lisa presents a straight-forward step-by-step approach to boosting the self-confidence of women in this presentation developed for women’s retreats and workshops of all kinds. Women of all ages will walk away with new hope and encouragement, equipped with tools to take away to improve their daily lives.

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