coachingDo you feel trapped by the persistent thought, “I just can’t get it right!”– as if you’re banging your head against the same old wall again and again and again, doing just what you wish you wouldn’t do? Why? Would you like to understand what causes your inner conflicts, and to learn how to keep them from ballooning out into conflicts with others?

Has someone or something in your life hurt you so deeply that you have no idea how to take the first step to recover, or how to trust and give your heart fully in your current relationships?

Have you lost your sense of self-confidence, or wonder if you ever had any in the first place?

Unfortunately, few of us have a sense of self-worth left unscathed by our experiences. A lack of self-worth, self-esteem, self confidence, lies at the root of a host of problems we face every day as women, causing a domino effect of issues in our lives. They affect your decision-making, relationships and even job opportunities and advancement. Undervaluing yourself can lead to a self-fulfilling spiral of declining opportunities—all out of a lack of confidence. It’s time to change that, ladies!

Lisa holds a PhD in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary, is a certified Temperament Counselor through the NCCA, a licensed pastor, and a certified administrator of the Arno Profile System. But beyond her professional credentials, Lisa is a childhood abuse and rape survivor. She considers it her life’s mission to help as many women as possible out of their downward spiral of low self value, bad relationships, and poor job prospects. Using her training and experience, Lisa coaches women into a place of healing and wholeness using the same tools she herself has used to rebuild her life. Through personal coaching sessions teaching you how to distinguish your temperament and recognize your unique strengths, Lisa can help you uncover the self-knowledge and encouragement you need to transform the course of your life through transforming your relationships– with yourself, with your spouse, with your children, with your colleagues…

And as Lisa is also certified in group therapy, she could even coach you right along with your spouse, your children, and your colleagues. Or you can zero in as a couple, with Lisa’s training from Light University as a Relationship Life Coach.

Offering sessions in person, online, or over the phone, contact Lisa today to set up your session and start taking steps toward a healthier you!

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