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Review of ‘Finding the Beautiful You’

In “Finding the Beautiful You”, author Lisa

Available in paperback and Kindle editions

works throughout the book to help people find their self-confidence and their individual value, through readings, thoughtful questions, and Bible verses. A book of encouragement! Well written and easy to read.

Author Lisa Cassman, is a Christian Counselor, Life Coach, and Pastor. She frequently speaks at events and has three published books, at this time.

“Finding the Beautiful You” is written in a very easy to read format. It can easily be used as a guide when you are needing advice on certain topics, with over 50 topic areas in the book. Some of the sections contain areas for journalling or have areas to write your own thoughts on things you have read. Bible verses that apply to the different topics are italicized and easy to find. If you are looking for a guide to some difficult situations, this book is filled with encouragement. “Finding the Beautiful You” could be used as a topical Daily Devotion or as a guide for various situations.

— Green Gables Book Reviews


Available in Paperback or e-book editions

Reviews of ‘The Light in Your Eyes’

This is a unique book of poems expressing the love that a young teenage girl and then grown woman had for a man. It is beautifully written and will keep the reader inspired to find that kind of love at least once in her life.
It all started when Lisa met a very special boy at camp during her early teen years. He helped her feel so secure and comfortable. She was overjoyed to spend time with him. The first few chapters convey how strong young love really is. A teenage girl’s first love is so special. But it can also be a very confusing and difficult time as well. Yet through it all, Lisa wanted to be with this boy forever. But was this possible?
The next few chapters talk about how it feels to really fall in love and yet be separated from each other. A distance began to develop between Lisa and the one she felt closest to. He was in the army and stationed in Texas. When they talked on the phone, Lisa didn’t quite tell him how strongly she fell in love with him. So, it was a time of real confusion and further disappointment for Lisa.  She had many positive, loving thoughts of him, and that is what sustained her over time. But he was moving into a life of his own and she had to say goodbye to him.
So, Lisa too moved on in her life. She grew up, got married, started a family, and raised her handsome boys. Lisa’s testimonymarriage was very unhappy, however.  She lost a lot of her self-esteem and the security and happiness that she once so strongly felt with her first love. But she never gave up hope that she could find that love again.
After her marriage ended, she learned to like herself again. She also knew that she could find the love that she so richly deserved. So, one day, she had to urge to find her first love. Once they had reconnected, she knew that she shared something special with him. It was then that they came together again, their love wouldn’t be torn apart.
Thank you Lisa for helping women to believe that we all can keep hoping to have a husband, lover and friend who is joyous, nourishing, and life-sustaining and that we could all leave abusive and unhappy marriages and seek what is best in our lives. May everyone who reads this book also experience the kind of love that Lisa so beautifully describes.”
— Irene, Amazon Book Reviewer
“This book of poetry written across one woman’s teenage and adult years is a beautiful look at human emotions and the working out of them in writing. The span of years crossing so many of life’s circumstances, leaves the reader encouraged to have a perspective of hope in their own life. It’s really a testimony of one girl’s life story, and how joy is so often waiting at the end of some dark tunnels.”
— Leah, Amazon book reviewer

Available in Paperback or e-book editions

Reviews of ‘The Road Less Traveled: A Guide to a Positive Marriage’ (Now in its 2nd Edition)

“The Road Less Traveled is an inspiring book for all married couples, whether you’re newly-wed or married for a long time. Marriage is a commitment and it could be a wonderful experience. But if you are broken and don’t know yourself very well, marriage can be difficult since the other person cannot fix you.
Lisa Cassman believes that in order to be happy in your marriage, you must understand who you are. This can take a bit of reflection and self-evaluation. But it is necessary because unless you’re happy and content with who you are, you won’t be happy in your marriage and your spouse will be a reflection of your unhappiness. Your spouse cannot make you whole unless you are already whole. Asking your spouse to make you happy can result in a very unhappy marriage.
In addition, Cassman’s book highlights how you can create a positive, happy, and fulfilling marriage. Spouses should lift each other up, complement one another, say I love you, be spontaneous, listen to one another, be passionate and a peacemaker, forgive, refrain from lying to each other, pray together, go for a long walk, have a romantic dinner, love each other unconditionally, and so on. All of these things will help to make your marriage rewarding and much happier. Cassman also asks you not to criticize your spouse and to believe in him or her. All of these things are doable.
easyreadThis is a great book for these cultural times where divorce is so high. I believe that Cassman’s book can make your marriage happier and more fulfilling. All you have to do is open yourself up to her advice and try to incorporate one or more ideas into your life right this minute. Then watch as your marriage becomes much happier and fulfilling. Thank you Cassman for such a wonderful book!”
— Irene, Amazon Book Reviewer
“An easy-read with very practical advice! Written so we can do one a day, similar to the love dare, but not in a specific order so you can tailor it to your situation. Incredibly helpful and great ideas! A great read for all couples dating, getting married or married for years. A great relationship builder. Makes a great wedding gift”
— Sherry, Amazon Book Reviewer

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