As a licensed minister, Lisa is an experienced public speaker and teacher. As a licensed counselor certified in group therapy, Lisa has the training to match her understanding of the human personality and our ability to grow, as well as the intricacy of human relationships. It is from this starting point that Lisa is able to offer a variety of seminars, workshops, and classes to suit your next conference, event, women’s retreat, or Vacation Bible School. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Women’s Retreats— Lisa’s personal mission to reflect the hope of God’s grace is made all the more powerful through her own life story overcoming childhood abuse and rape. Lisa blends her personal experience of growth and healing with her specialized training in Temperament Counseling and the ARNO Profile System to guide women into a healthier self-esteem which can drastically alter the course of their lives. Lisa is an experienced keynote speaker, and also administers workshops tailored to your event for small break-out groups. Would you like more info on her women’s seminar? Click here…

  • Parenting Classes— Lisa has 20 years experience ministering in domestic abuse shelters, in schools, and with children who have been victims of sexual abuse. In her parenting classes, she helps parents think through the best ways to keep their little ones safe, and to recognize the warning signs of abuse. This is an issue that should be addressed in every town, community, and church.
  • Community Classes— Lisa can adapt her teaching to suit any engagement. She focuses on the universal need for self-worth, and practically guides listeners to let go of their past and live for today. She is available to teach a variety of community education seminars. For more information on her women’s seminar, developed based on Temperament Counseling, click here
  • Guest Speaking— Lisa is a traveling pastor and would love to be the next guest speaker at your church or conference. She routinely speaks for Stonecroft Ministry events and she can prepare her talk around any theme given.
  • Marriage Seminars—  Lisa’s first published book, now out in its 2nd edition, is called “The Road Less Traveled: A Guide to a Positive Marriage” and she loves teaching marriage enrichment seminars based on the tenets of her book. She guides couples to keep in mind why they started dating, and aims for them to walk away with ideas and solutions to keep their marriages alive. She likes to keep it fun, using humor and skits to delve into what we can do to encourage our marriages to thrive. Each couple attending this positive marriageseminar will go home with a copy of her latest edition of the book. For more information on Lisa’s books, click here
Lisa is a member of the League of Minnesota Poets, and she works as a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries. Lisa routinely presents her classes and seminars all across Minnesota, but is very happy to travel further afield. The costs of her presentations will vary depending on the amount of distance traveled and the size of the function. Contact her today to discuss your speaking and teaching needs! 

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A Glimpse of a Women’s Retreat Speaking Engagement from 2011:

Presentation Reviews:
“Lisa is AMAZING… One of the BEST speakers I have ever heard. Her guidance and inspiration shined in her latest seminar that I had the privilege to attend. Her words resonated with me and gave me a renewed faith for my future. I look forward to attending future seminars held by Lisa. If you ever are blessed to have the opportunity to hear her speak, I would recommend you jump at the chance. You will not be sorry. Thanks so much, Lisa. You have given me the inspiration I need to move forward in a positive direction with my life.” –T.H. (April 2013)

“Great motivational speaker!” — Anonymous from Minot, ND (August 2017)

“Dear Lisa, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for speaking at our After 5 meeting. Thank you for your compliment to our small group. I am sure you are uplifting to all you come in contact with. Your clients are very blessed. Your talk was so inspiring along with your delivery of it. God is using you mightily. Come see us again. Was great meeting you.” — Rosemary W. (August 2017)

“Lisa, thanks for sharing what Jesus did in your life and to hope in Him…” — Anonymous (February 2017)

“Thank you for sharing your story.  It’s good to get positive encouragement in difficult times.” — Anonymous (February 2017)

“Lisa was a great speaker – great message shared.” — Anonymous (February 2017)

“Your presentation of how God had worked on your life was so well presented and God’s plan for our salvation was clearly laid out for each and every one. Thank you again and may God bless you and your ministry.” — Lois C. (March 2017)

“Powerful!! Very thought-provoking presentation.” — D.H. (March 2017)

“…Made us think about where we are and what has made us react to others and to God as we do. ” — C.B. (March 2017)

“Your speech today gave me hope! I thought you should know how much it meant to me…” — A.C. (March 2017)

“On behalf of our Sisseton Christian Women, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to share your story and give us a “free counseling session”! Your self-worth handout is a wonderful guide for all of us! Thought-provoking.
God has given you many talents/gifts. You have “gotten out of the boat” (Matt. 14:28-29)! Thank you for blessing us.” — E (July 2017)